PG GAUZE Underwear

"Made with natural materials that are gentle and safe for baby's skin.
I want you to have pleasant dreams.”
PG GAUZE gauze was developed based on this concept.
underwear. Every detail so you can dress your baby with peace of mind
I was particular about it.

Sewing with flat seam allowances
The two pieces of the body are sewn together on the outside and the skin side ends flat.
There is no need to worry about irritating your baby's delicate skin.

old-fashioned meeting
By deepening the fit of the front body, the baby's body shape and
The width can be easily adjusted as the child grows.
Take advantage of the characteristics of gauze material to keep your baby soft and fluffy.
It's a tight design.

Simple tailoring that can be washed every day
Gauze absorbs sweat well, so you can wash it every day.
Simple tailoring possible.
It dries quickly and becomes softer and blends into your skin every time you wash it.


PG GAUZE's gauze underwear is not only suitable for babies.

Provides a soft touch for family members holding babies

You can feel it.