Hakata Riverain Mall For preschool children

PG GAUZE will also participate in the workshop event hosted by City Information Fukuoka.

Planning by PG GAUZE

"My Handkerchief My Handkerchief" Children who like painting gather!

Why don't you draw a picture with your child's hand on a handkerchief that you can give to yourself, your friends, your family and other important people?
Draw "Rabbit" and "Lion" with a brush and dye without a draft.
We call the bleeding of the dye when drawing on gauze "blurring", but the softness of the picture expressed by blurring is the characteristic of PG GAUZE's hand-painting.
Of course, individuality appears in the gradation of the dye,
One of my favorite things to do is to use pigments to draw eyes, mouths, and faces.
Crisp "eyes", round "eyes", etc...
Adults will also be healed by the appearance of doing what they like!

You can also participate on the day, so please feel free to come by.

Tokoro Hakata Riverain Mall 1F

Date: June 17th and 18th, 2023

I am preparing a handkerchief with a loop.
We can also engrave your name on the handkerchief you drew (free of charge) and gift wrap it so that you can use it when you go to kindergarten.
Please ask the PG GAUZE staff on the day.

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