● Free transparent bag packaging

Bag + Ribbon Bag + Noshi

Paid box packaging ( 275 yen including tax)

Box + Ribbon Box + Noshi wrapping paper

Fee charged (uniformly 110 yen including tax)

・I bundle it with the delivery box of the product.

・Please leave the size to us.

Free message card

・Please fill in the message field.

・Prints on a card that is the size of a business card.

・Bundled with the product.


Write the purpose of the gift on the upper part of the mizuhiki and the name of the giver on the lower part.

● "Choumusubi"

It can be untied and re-tied many times, so it can be used many times .

"Celebration" gifts for childbirth, growth, and longevity

"Uchiiwai" in return for congratulations

The child's name will be written on the lower part of the mizuhiki as a return gift for the birth.

You can also give readings to kanji.

● "Musubikiri"

Since it cannot be untied once tied , it is used for one-time celebrations and gifts. 

"10 mizuhiki" wedding celebrations and family celebrations

"Five mizuhiki"

● "Black and white musubikiri"

Black and white knot for Buddhist ceremonies.

Please check the color of mizuhiki in advance and fill in the remarks column.