Purchase flow

[Order flow]
STEP1 Product selection

① Select the size, color and quantity on the product page and click "Add to Cart".

The product will be added to the cart.

Click "Shopping Bag" on the upper right of the screen to return to the cart screen.

Please change the quantity or delete from the cart screen .
② When you have finished selecting the product, click “Proceed to checkout”.

Please proceed to the next screen.

STEP2 Choice of packaging options

On the next screen, 'Shopping Cart', select your packaging options.

You can choose free or paid.

[Selection method]

(1) If packaging options are required, click [Required].

(2) If you do not need packaging options , click [Unnecessary] .

③ Displayed in order of wrapping, hand, and message card.

Select "Yes" or "No".

●If you select "Prefer" for the message

・Please enter a message within 100 characters in the message field.

・Our company will create a message card.

・Bundled with the product.

●If you want multiple wrapping

・Please select the wrapping option individually.

・Please fill in the item to be packaged in the column of each "packaged item".

・Don't forget to click "Add to Cart" each time.

④ After confirming the order details, click "Proceed to checkout".

Please proceed to the next screen.

STEP3 Purchase procedure

① Enter the email address of the person who placed the order.

・This information will be used to contact you regarding order confirmation, shipping completion, etc.

② Enter the delivery address information

Please be careful not to enter the orderer's information.

③Choose a shipping method

④Select delivery time

⑤ Select payment method

⑥ Enter the orderer's information

Please do not enter the recipient's information.

・Please enter the information to be written on the "requester" on the delivery slip.

・Registered members do not need to enter.

⑦Click Complete Order

After completing the order, you will receive an automatic confirmation of your order by e-mail.

[Confirmation method when no email is received]

・Is the email address entered incorrectly?

・Is it not in the spam folder?

・Make sure you have not blocked the reception of ask@pg-gauze.jp .


*If you have any questions, please call us during business hours.