My Pillow My Pillow

"Let's draw pictures freely!"

It's the season where you want to lounge in your futon forever.

Would you like to draw a picture on a gauze pillowcase?

We have prepared two types of materials: a small size for naps that is convenient to keep in the living room or car, and a regular pillow cover.

Our staff who loves painting is waiting for you.

●Jiyugaoka store

October 28th (Sat) and 29th (Sun)

If the weather is nice, I will draw in the garden in front of the store. You can eat and drink in the garden, but a cafe has opened next to the garden.

●Imperial Hotel Arcade Store

November 3rd (Friday, holiday) and November 4th (Saturday)

We will draw on a table made of a single piece of domestic wood that we would like even small children to touch.

●Akizuki main store

November 11th (Sat) and 12th (Sun)

You can freely harvest vegetables from the field behind the store. Please wear shoes that you don't mind getting dirty with weeds.

We also recommend the bento boxes sold at the tiny prefabricated roadside station at the Akizuki entrance.

We hope you and your family enjoy it!