KITTE Marunouchi shop design order

Would you like to choose your own hand-painted pattern?

You can choose patterns that are not found in regular products.

Pattern samples can be viewed at the store.

1) Choose a large pattern that will be the main one.
2) Choose a small bonus pattern to scatter around.

3) You will receive it in about 2 weeks.

Material/blanket 5,280 yen (tax included)

For example, select for a baby born with a child who will become a brother or sister.

Selected by multiple people as a gift for a colleague who is about to give birth during a work break.

Take advantage of the time until departure from Tokyo Station on your trip and select it as a souvenir.
If you put a foreign name in Japanese hiragana on the souvenir, it might make it feel more special.

In addition to selecting

How about taking a commemorative photo against the background of Tokyo Station, which can be seen from the window inside the store?

All the staff will help you make good memories.