We are pleased to offer after-sales repair services.

Thank you for your continued patronage of PG GAUZE.

Gauze fabric is originally a delicate, soft material that feels good on the skin. One of the characteristics is that the yarn is gently twisted and the yarn itself has fluff.

On the other hand, it has the disadvantages that the fuzz becomes a ball, the weave is rough, so it is easy to pull strings, the seams are easy to fray, and it is weak against friction.

"My back was torn due to friction."

"The button came off along with the cloth."

"Even if it's torn, I can't throw it away because it has memories."

In such a case, we will accept corrections. (Reference price)

tear under button Reinforce the tear of the button part 1,000 yen/piece
torn bodice Torn square 2cm 1,000 yen
addition Torn square 2cm or more

∔500 yen/cm

Cover the tear with a gauze cloth to reinforce it

∔1,500 yen
If the dimensions become narrower due to repair, add the narrowed cloth to the side. ∔750 yen

"I want to shorten the worn hem and make it summer pajamas."

Changing the length of the garment (with elastic between tri-fold and tri-fold)
sleeve shorten the sleeves 1,500 yen
hem shorten pants length 1,500 yen
Shorten the length of jackets and dresses 2,500 yen
addition Shorten the length and lengthen the elastic ∔500 yen
Shorten the length and naturally narrow the width ∔1,000 yen

"I want you to replace the rubber because the baby in my stomach has grown."

Replacement of waist rubber
Wrapped in rubber 1,000 yen
elastic that sews the ends of the elastic to the waist 2,500 yen
Make a hole in the waist to take out the elastic (button hole) 1,000 yen
addition button hole ∔1,000 yen/piece

You may need to prepare materials such as gauze cloth, buttons, and rubber.

Please contact the store staff first.

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