First Gauze

This item is gentle on the skin and recommended for ``first gauze.''

It has a simple design that can be washed every day.

You can choose your favorite pattern to match everything from handkerchiefs to clothing and bedding.

blanket 4 sizes
S swaddle size 2,700 yen + tax
M bath towel size 3,800 yen + tax
L Nap blanket size 5,000 yen + tax
Thin type 2,800 yen + tax
Underwear with seam allowances that do not touch the skin
Romper with metal fittings and rubber that do not touch your skin

A bib with waterproof cloth sandwiched between gauze

Convenient for storing damp items
Piping bag with waterproof fabric inside
Bedding that is machine washable and easy to dry
cotton futon
"I don't know what to prepare for my first birth."
Guideline introduction
[10 points 27,500 yen (tax included)]
Short underwear x 3
Combination underwear x 3 pieces
Thin gauze x 1 piece
Tenugui x 1
Blanket x 1
Piping bag x 1 bag

[6-piece bedding set 10% OFF 44,649 yen (tax included)]

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