baby gauze

Popular blankets for gifts
I made it a set of online limited price.

<3 items of baby gauze, blanket, bib, piping bag>
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8,255 yen including tax
Your baby's name will be hand-drawn or hand-embroidered on the blanket.
You can give it without worrying about age, gender, body shape,
Bath towel size perfect for swaddles and rugs.

A polyester cloth that does not allow moisture to pass through is sandwiched between gauze and gauze.
It is a handkerchief size that is easy to use during breastfeeding and drooling periods.

piping bag
The inside is made of polyester cloth that does not allow moisture to pass through,
A4 size convenient for changing clothes and milk.
You can choose from 7 patterns.
PG GAUZE baby print
We value the cleanliness and cuteness of the baby.

<4 Baby Gifts: Blanket, Baby Pillow, Short Underwear, Combi Underwear>
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11,181 yen including tax

Gauze is a soft, everyday cloth that can be used in a variety of ways.

short underwear
A convenient underwear with a wide front and adjustable size with a ribbon.
With a design that does not change the back and sleeves,
Softly wraps around the unstable body of a baby.
Can be layered with combination underwear.

Combi underwear
Clothes-type underwear that can be worn alone on bare skin
The inseam is fastened so the hem is not disturbed.

baby pillow
flat pillow with thin cotton padding
If you put it under your baby's neck when breastfeeding, you won't have to worry about sweat.
You can wash it on the normal course of the washing machine.